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Postdoctoral course at Unesp-Marília, PhD at Unicamp and Master´s degree at Universidade de São Paulo. She has over for 16 years of experience in the area of Portuguese as a Foreign Language (PFL) and Portuguese as a Second Language (P2L), teaching face-to-face, in company, online, one-to-one and group classes, from basic to advanced level (update on grammar and conversation classes and Celpe-Bras trainning classes. Founding-partner of Sou Brasil Group, author of the book "Celpe-Bras Sem Segredos" (HUB Editorial, 2011), "Gramática Sem Segredos" (EditoraGNF, 2020) and several articles published in specialized magazines. Co-author of the ebooks "Por Dentro do Celpe-Bras" (EditoraGNF, 2019) and "Pronúncia em Aulas de Português Língua Estrangeira" (EditoraGNF, 2020). Professor-researcher of Brazilian art and culture.


In addition to teaching Portuguese for foreigners, I am constantly researching the most varied aspects of the Portuguese language. Some topics I had the opportunity to present in congresses of the area and others published in specialized magazines. All works are available on the website:

Brazilian Art History is another theme that fascinates me. I started by studying a group, Clube de Artistas Modernos, created in the city of São Paulo in 1932, formed by modernist artists. They were painters, classical and popular musicians, writers as well as workers and left-wing political activists who discussed the possibilities of art and issues related to politics. Then I investigated Carlos da Silva Prado´s life and artwork that I present in the video above. In 2017, I met a 1960-manifesto of Rio de Janeiro artists to form the resistance group against abstract art, led by Mário Pedrosa. All my articles about art are gathered and available for consultation on the site:, to know more just make a quick registration and thus have access to the content.

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